About Us

We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.


Mr. Shmaya Schwartz founded Refund Master back in 2016 with one simple goal in mind: get businesses the refunds they deserve.

We now are a New York-based company specializing in identifying and maximizing merchants’ eligible refunds from the Fulfillment By Amazon platform, as well as claiming liabilities from many different companies under many catagories. We've partnered with merchants worldwide, and while doing so we've simplifying the entire process by a large margin.

The fact that we can help so many businesses recover so many lost funds is what constantly kept us moving forword and expanding our services to now include many different types of claims and liabilities.


We employ years of experience as well as proprietary software to perform comprehensive retroactive audits on your past orders and payments, unearthing errors that deserve reimbursement. We then create a record archive and take your claim all the way through to refund. In addition to retroactive audits, we offer steady, proactive shipment monitoring and inventory tracking to ensure shipment and fulfillment data match up. In the event of discrepancies, we initiate a timely investigation and file a reimbursement claim on your behalf.

When it’s your money on the table, we take a seat. Refund Master zeroes in on every detail of your every claim. It often comes down to technicalities, and our precise data presentation has proven to consistently satisfy the most stringent requirements.

A commitment to privacy: Your sales and account information are sensitive. We take your trust seriously and maintain unimpeachable confidentiality standards throughout our company. We never share your information or track your current sales in our audits. Any and all information gathered is disclosed, in full, to you alone.


Throughout the years we've been in business we have helped hundreds of business recover millions of dollars in Reimbursments. We look forward to working together with you and find the funds that are rightfully yours!

Dont hestitate to call us or send us any questions.