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Seller Central FBA Reimbursements

Items damaged or missing at fulfillment centers

If an item is damaged at the Amazon fulfillment center or is reported missing for over 30 days, Amazon owes you reimbursement for that product. Amazon’s first priority is to find the lost item, or replace a damaged item if another is available in their warehouse. If they can do neither, we file a claim for reimbursement.

Items lost or damaged during shipping to customer

FBA uses its own shipping partners who are responsible for delivering your item on time to the customer. Amazon takes pride in their guaranteed fast shipping, and will not penalize you if their carrier partners do not fulfill customer expectations. Any item lost, damaged, or delivered late to the customer is reimbursable through Seller Central.

Inventory lost or damaged from inbound shipment

If you ship inventory to the Amazon fulfillment center and it is lost or damaged, you are eligible for reimbursement. Amazon uses select inbound shipping partners, and takes responsibility for items planned to arrive at their fulfillment centers. You can receive a reimbursement or have the item restocked by Amazon at no extra cost.

Refunds or Replacements

Amazon offers full refunds if an item is returned late or returned in non-resalable condition. Damages may occur during return shipping, and Amazon assumes full responsibility for this. Late returns are also reimbursed, especially if they do not reappear in your account by the expected date.

Amazon compliance

We fully comply with Amazon's TOS

Manual Claims

All our cases are being opened manually, we never automate any of our process to fully comply with amazon's TOS


We research all the cases properly before opening, we don't use a hit and miss approach, improving the likelihood of Approval.

Few Cases at once

Amazon doesn't like that one Seller takes away too much time of their Support team which hurts other sellers speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of refund claims do you handle?​​

We complete an audit on your seller account and identify  all applicable cases where a refund may be available. These claims always depend on Amazon’s FBA requirements and policies. Items for which they consider reimbursements include:

  • Items damaged at an Amazon fulfillment center
  • Items lost within an Amazon fulfillment center
  • Items reported missing by Amazon fulfillment center for at least 30 days
  • Items reported damaged or lost by Amazon’s distributors/shipping partners
  • Items lost or damaged during inbound shipment by Amazon carrier partner
  • Refunded Orders not returned or Reimbursed

Are there items for which Amazon will not consider reimbursement?

Yes. Amazon has strict guidelines, and knowing when to claim and when to ignore a case is important for your Amazon account’s overall health. Items for which they will not consider reimbursement include:

  • Items prohibited by FBA policy (See list of prohibited products here)
  • Items that do not meet FBA inventory requirements (such as incorrect listing information, shipping label, packaging, and condition description)
  • Items sold as defective to the customer
  • Items lost or damaged by customer, an independent distributor or by seller when shipped to fulfillment center
  • Expired or damaged items (especially food and electronics)
  • Items sent in damaged condition to fulfillment center
  • Items damaged due to incorrect packaging by seller

How far back can you track refunds?

Amazon will allow you to open a claim on any Missing from a shipment that dates back up to nine months from the shipment date; if the item was damaged or lost at the fulfillment center, or refunds to customers that wasn't returned or reimbursed, you can make a claim up to eighteen months after the incident occurred.

What information do you need to file a reimbursement claim?

Amazon requires you provide the item SKU, product name, quantity and condition of items lost or damaged, and reason you are asking for reimbursement. Refund Master provides this information to Amazon in complete form, and keeps you updated with information regarding your reimbursement. Once the refund is issued, the money is credited to your account.

Will I be reimbursed the retail amount for my lost or damaged item?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not provide reimbursement for the full retail amount of your item. They will usually provide reimbursement for the item’s value, either by determining the cost of the item or by following the average price of products in your category. Reimbursements typically range between $10 and $100 for household, electronic and other generic consumer products, depending on category.

How much do you charge?

Nothing upfront! Refund Master only takes a small percentage of each reimbursement we successfully win for your business. That’s right: you don't pay us anything unless we actually put money back into your pocket.

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