Tired of losing money on your Amazon reimbursements?

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Most sellers are leaving money on the table ($1,000 per month or more!)

If you’re like most Amazon FBA sellers, your time is too precious to fight for every dollar and cent you’re owed.

You’ll happily pay for a company to take the hassle and headache off your hands.

The problem?

Most FBA reimbursement companies overcharge for their service. They take an average 25% for each reimbursement.

(Which is especially problematic if your product profit margin was lower than 25% to begin with!

Are you owed money you don’t even know about? 

Beyond overpaying, there’s another problem for sellers: Many aren’t even aware that they’re entitled to a reimbursement at all. Here are some of the common situations when Amazon might owe a seller money:

Lost inventory

Damaged inventory

Missing inventory

Customer returns

FBA fee errors

Changes in size regulations

Order quantity issues

FBA returns not received

Overcharged FBA fees

Pay less. Keep more. Guaranteed.

You save money and increase your profit margins when you work with Refund Master:

  • We charge a flat fee of 15% (10% less than our competitors)
  • Once an account reaches 50K in reimbursements, our rates drop to just 10%
  • Over 95% of our cases result in a reimbursement
  • If Amazon reverses your reimbursement, we credit what you paid us towards your next order
  • If you find a lower rate among any of our major competitors, we’ll beat it.

Sit back, relax, and watch the reimbursements roll in

You create an account, and we take ALL the hassle off your hands.

  • Review your logistics and sales
  • Maximize your eligible refunds
  • Partner with merchants industry-wide
  • Create a record database
  • Contact all companies involved
  • Labor for any amount owed to you


  • See YOUR money back in your bank account every month (typically at least $1,000)

Getting started is quick and easy


Creating an account takes 30 seconds or less. A sales rep will call you within a day to go over some details.


We run an audit and identify the maximum amount owed to you. Then, we do all the legwork to get it.


Typically, you’ll see the money in your account within [timeframe].

Other reasons you’ll love working with us


best customer service

best prices

newest technology

Refund Master recovers over $10,000 a month for my business.

We considered doing this in-house but it’s a lot of manual work, so it wasn’t getting done. Refund Master offers the lowest rate so it was definitely a smart decision to outsource this to them and know it is being done better than we would do it on our own. After setting up the account once, everything is being taken care of without our involvement. Their system is great – it all runs smoothly and the team are really nice people! I have recommended Refund Master to other sellers and will definitely continue to do so – it’s cheaper than any alternative and really works.

- Jacob Hirchfeld

It’s your money. 
Let’s get it back in your hands.

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