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What We Do​:

We identify and maximize eligible refunds from several vendor platforms. We partner with merchants throughout the nation and across all sales categories to get your money back to where it belongs; your bank account.

How does Amazon owe you money?

Here are some examples.

The process

 ​1. The Inspection​​

We review your past logistics and sales data, identifying any instances of claimable refunds.

​2. The Claim​

We create a record database, and contact all companies involved, laboring for any amount owed to the costumer.

 ​3. The Deposit​

We expertly handle the tedious paperwork, and ensure any and all recovered funds are deposited into your account.

So, you decide you want to get the refunds you're owed, but why go with us?

Well, Here are 3 reasons:


Once the refunds have been approved and the cash has been deposited into your account, we charge only 15%. That's it.
Once an account reaches 50k in reimbursements, our rates drop to just 10%.


If for any reason the reimbursements get reversed, we automatically credit the amount back into your account.


Safety is our number one priority.
We obey all vendor terms and conditions, and keep your account as safe and secure as possible.

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